entangled in simple pleasures

silver, enamel, copper
The color changing leaves of the trees entangle us in the campground. Furiously forcing fire in the stillness, your body’s movements slow from exhaustion. Sweat droplets drip from the strands of hair in your face. Embarrassed cheeks blush and charmed smiles glow. From afar, I watch you work your fingers piece the fire together. You can’t imagine what rehab in the wilderness does to you. Short stories, of the life you live in pieces.Pulled apart, for me to place in order. A rhythm you’ve created, if I can find a beat I’ll compose.

shiny doesn't mean better

silver, enamel, copper
Another poor decision.Your first thoughts, her fault. Black and blue is not what I asked for. Once again, a board of educators in a stagnant room of disapproval. Is it true you were kicked out of boarding school? Tears roll down the cheek beneath the bangs swept across your face. Its true, your violent history? I think genuine. No one feels sorry for you. Forgiveness is the last thing they want to grant you. Loudly in my head are the voices where I’m trying to save you. Only a whisper beneath my breath, he’s changed.The circles you’ve created for yourself, a spiraling fall. Once again, suspended.

Reasons You Get There Won't Always Be Reasons You Want To

copper, silver, leather
Don’t put the radio on I want to listen to the silence. Flat fields of green sprinkled snow and a hazy light blue skyline up ahead.The only life you know is about picking up and leaving. Stiff posture against the firm leather seats. Apologetic stares felt through the hair in your face. Fast glances away, focus on the road. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago. Behind us your life shifts, packed in boxes. Day three induced weariness as eighteen-wheelers continue past us.
esther fell